Why Beauty School Students Benefit From Hair Competitions

23 May

Have you ever considered taking your talents to the next level while you’re still in beauty school? Hair competitions are a great way for students to gain real world experience and learn how to style hair under pressure. Students who end up placing in hair competitions can also receive prizes, scholarships, and it can be a gateway to other fulfilling opportunities.

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Salon Success Ambassadors Raise $5,000 For Charity

21 Dec

This holiday season, the Salon Success Academy student ambassadors continued their tradition of helping needy families in the Inland Empire area of California. Throughout the month of December, the ambassadors coordinated ways to raise money for the charity they selected. Their efforts were so successful they raised nearly $5,000 and were able to donate to […]

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Salon Success Owner Influences The Beauty Industry

30 Nov

The Professional Beauty Federation of California is an organization that’s dedicated to raising the level of professionalism in the industry and advocating on behalf of the beauty professionals in the state. The owner of Salon Success Academies, Bob Gross, is a founding member of the PBFC and also the newly appointed chairman.  Bob helped establish […]

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Proof The Beauty Industry Is Recession Proof

09 Nov

The beauty industry seems to be as close to recession proof as any industry can get. Throughout the economic recession, salons and barbershops have been thriving. While this may come as a surprise to some, it’s something that beauty industry professionals have never doubted. The proof is in the numbers. According to U.S. Census data, […]

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Video: A Look Inside Class With George Miller

02 Nov

George Miller is all about professionalism, communication, and giving good hair. He’s a seasoned beauty professional who spreads his insight and knowledge with Salon Success Academies students every year during a three-day professional development seminar. It’s George’s belief that a stylist’s income comes more from their effective communication than it does their hair styling skills. That’s […]

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Cosmetologists Through the Years [Infographic]

21 Sep

It’s said that the history of cosmetology dates back as long as human history does; that cosmetology was born when the first human being glanced in a body of water and saw his or her reflection. Historians have traced some of the earliest beauty treatments back to the Egyptians, when woman used minerals to dye […]

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