Tips For Taking The Best Cosmetology Portfolio Photos

29 May

When you’re applying for salon jobs after graduating from cosmetology school, simply submitting a resume is not going to cut it! You need an eye-popping cosmetology portfolio to win over salon owners and capture new clients. Here are tips on how to take photos of hair and makeup that will translate perfectly for your cosmetology portfolio!

How to Make a Cosmetology Resume

11 Jan

The Beauty Buzz wants to get your ready for life after graduation. That’s why we’re writing a five-part series that’s dedicated to giving valuable career advice to new stylists. For this second blog post, we’ll cover how to make a cosmetology resume. Because cosmetology is all about creativity, you’ll have more creative freedom when making a cosmetology resume.

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Tips to Get Your Cosmetology Portfolio Online

05 Oct

Now that we’ve established the importance of having a professional cosmetology portfolio, you’ll want to make it more accessible for those who want to view it. You can easily do this by creating an online version of your portfolio and encouraging your clients and potential employers to log on to your new website. It’s much […]

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How To Make a Cosmetology Portfolio

28 Sep

When you’re a cosmetologist, having an eye-popping portfolio is a must! Your portfolio will always be the best way to showcase your skills and creativity to your clients and potential employers. It’s a good idea to start taking photos while you’re still in beauty school, this way you’ll have evidence of your work when you […]

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