5 Steps to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

10 Feb

Do you love experimenting with makeup? Are you obsessed with staying up to date on all the latest beauty trends? Turn your passion into a career as a professional makeup artist! You can with these 5 steps: 1.       Go to school. The only way to truly master your craft is with an education. That’s where […]

A Message From the Salon Success Academy Family

08 Feb

Recent events have rocked the beauty school industry as one of our competitors has been forced to close its doors and shut down 39 campuses in California. We feel badly that Marinello Schools of Beauty is closing and we are especially concerned for all the future barbers, cosmetologists and estheticians who think they may be […]

The 10 Commandments of Hair Color

03 Feb

If you want gorgeously colored and styled hair that lasts, then obey these 10 commandments of hair color: Do you know the 10 commandments of hair color? Topping the list: only color healthy hairClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule1.       Thou shalt only color healthy hair. Coloring your hair can make unhealthy hair look even unhealthier. Trim […]

Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Career in the New Year

06 Jan

Have you always dreamed about doing something you really love for your career? Make this year your year to make that dream come true. The New Year is a great time to get started in the career you’ve always wanted. Here are just a few reasons why: You can learn the latest techniques at a […]

The Truth about Organic Makeup

02 Dec

Just like the grocery store, the makeup aisle is full of information that can be misleading. Get the facts right about the products you use. Here’s the truth about organic makeup: Natural doesn’t mean organic. If you think natural and organic are the same, you’re wrong. Organic means that a product’s ingredients don’t contain artificial […]

How to Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Cosmetology Tools

04 Nov

To become a professional cosmetologist, esthetician, or barber, you must first pass the California State Board exam. Some of the most common errors made during the exam relate to cleanliness and sanitation of your cosmetology tools. Don’t let these mistakes stop you from achieving your dreams! Here’s how to properly clean and sanitize your tools […]