5 Common Hair Myths Busted

04 Mar

There are all sorts of hair myths that are simply not true. Get the facts straight. Here are the 5 most common hair myths busted: Myth 1: Brush your hair 100 strokes a day. Brushing your hair 100 strokes each day doesn’t make your hair shinier and could do more harm than good. Too much […]

How to Maintain Hair Color Between Appointments

28 Jan

Finding the hair color that’s your perfect match can be a real challenge. But once you find success, you’ll want to keep that color looking vibrant, healthy and fresh for as long as you can. Here’s how you can keep your hair color looking good between appointments: For recently colored hair, choose a heat setting […]

How to Choose the Right Brush for Your Hair

14 Jan

Whether your hair is straight, curly, or long – there’s a brush that suits every need. This guide will help you choose the right brush for you, your hairstyle and optimum hair care. Wide Tooth Comb The wide tooth comb should be the first thing you grab when you step out of the shower. It’s […]

How to Keep Your Salon Clients Coming Back

26 Nov

If you want a long and successful career in the beauty industry, you need to start building relationships with your clients right now. Satisfied customers can become loyal clients who tell their family, friends, and coworkers all about you! They’ll be happy and as your client base grows and grows, so will you. Here are […]

How to Create Your Cosmetology Portfolio

17 Sep

When you’re ready to begin your cosmetology career, the best evidence you’ll have to show off your skills and talents will be your cosmetology portfolio. Is yours ready for success? Check out our How to Create your Cosmetology Portfolio Infographic to find out now!

4 Common Hair Problems Solved

10 Sep

There are as many different hair problems as there are heads of hair! And as a hair stylist, you want to solve them all. That’s not always so easy to do, though. Your clients will be coming to you with lots of different hair problems, caused by such habits as over-processing and over-styling. It’s your job […]