How To Make a Cosmetology Portfolio

28 Sep

When you’re a cosmetologist, having an eye-popping portfolio is a must! Your portfolio will always be the best way to showcase your skills and creativity to your clients and potential employers. It’s a good idea to start taking photos while you’re still in beauty school, this way you’ll have evidence of your work when you […]

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Cosmetologists Through the Years [Infographic]

21 Sep

It’s said that the history of cosmetology dates back as long as human history does; that cosmetology was born when the first human being glanced in a body of water and saw his or her reflection. Historians have traced some of the earliest beauty treatments back to the Egyptians, when woman used minerals to dye […]

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Welcome to the Beauty Buzz!

16 Sep

Welcome to the Salon Success Academies Beauty Buzz, the newest blog for everything beauty school related! Beauty Buzz wants to be your go-to source for all your beauty industry news, licensing tips, and career advice. We’ve got the buzz on what’s going on in cosmetology school and the entire beauty industry and we want to […]

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